how technology can impact your health

10 Ways Technology Can Impact Your Health

In this article we’ll discuss 10 ways technology can impact your health. Have you ever ponder that health is closely connected to exercising equipment and supplements? Might you had visited your doctor and nutritionist many times. People are afraid to know that technology is declining health because we are much dependent on tools and technology.

Go through the below description guide that revolves around 10 ways technology can impact your health. What you can do change your lifestyle and routine by less-focusing on technology to enhance your long term wellness.  

1.      It Boosts Indolence

People are more often addicted to internet streaming on smart TVs, computers, or tablets and don’t bother to think about how many hours have been passed during favorite TV-series and in which ways technology can impact your health? You can consume that time to clean up your house, doing useful exercise to fulfill the needs of your body to stay healthy and active.

2.      It Activates Headache

When you concentrate on the screen, your eyes roam to find a focusing point which is called the resting point of accommodation abbreviated as RPA. In this whole cycle, eyes do a lot of work to find that point on the screen which activates headaches. Sometimes mild headache converts into migraines. Technology can impact your health in the form of eyestrain and stretch!

3.      It Makes You Addicted

You will be amazed to look at the phone history which described your daily activity in several hours on the phone. How many times have you grabbed your phone and swiped the lock screen to check calls or messages? Apart from all these how much addicted you’re to your favorite apps like Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat?

It’s a part of the game because app developers do brainstorming to filter out the lures and tricks to physiologically trap a person. For instance, sending notification or alerts for activity means engaging a user in scrolling down news and feeds of the app. It attracts new users and keeps them connected. Having no real friend in life but hundreds of fake friends on the app means you’re mentally addicted to the screen.

4.      It Amplifies Anger

Sitting on a study table for school work or university projects might have a tablet or laptop connected to micro speakers playing the latest music collection or displaying refreshed social media news. Headphones in your ears might pull your multitasking abilities in different directions amplifying anxiety and anger.


5.      It Aims to Stress

Your phone is under your pillow and suddenly vibrates, you unlock the screen and see a notification over there depicting news about world crisis or COVID-19 patients. You might get constant messages from a depressed close friend or your family members posting controversial things over social media and continuously notifying you.

More you know about how technology can impact your health. When you are more depressed you’ll be which leads to deadly symptoms like heart attack, and high blood pressure.

6.      It Stretches Your Turtleneck

Sitting in a posture with eyes frozen on the computer’s screen puts a pressure on your neckline that stretches it after a long hectic day. Keep electronics items aside to let your neck rest in a peaceful and comfortable environment.

7.      It Promotes Unhealthy Posture

You may not focus on the bad habit of laying or sitting in bad posture while you work on a computer, you will be notified when you feel all your other body parts are in pain due to bad posture. Sticking eyes on screen make it easy for you to forget about what’s going on and in which position you’re using your gadget.

8.      It Can Induce Bad Practices

While scrolling down news feed on social media you might see unhealthy posts posted by others like a statue, offensive words, abusive caption on an image, etc. Regularly reading content about strict dieting and supplements might induce a bad habit of eating disorder or in general food consumption.

9.      It Can Provoke Sleeplessness Condition

People suffering from Insomnia are those who are addicted to stay active on social media for 24-hours or see live streaming before going to bed. They often get bouts of insomnia because internet roaming unsettles their day-to-day sleep tempo. The blue light coming from any device either phone, tablet, or computer overwhelms sleep hormones that assist your body to take some rest and feel comfortable in deep sleep. 

10.  It Weakens Eyesight

Every new electronic device before its launch in the market goes through a pre-compliance EMC testing to certify that its use is safe for the public. As long as you stare at the screen, the more blue light stretches your retinas. Numerous studies have revealed that technology can impact your health as blue light from smart devices can damage your vision if you spend more time on technology.

The Bottom Line

No one can deny the strong linkage between health and technology. If you want to make your life routine well, analyze 10 ways technology can impact your health with your normal routine. You’ll get a conclusion within a few minutes. So, make less use of technology in life and see the difference in your health! 

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