7 Ways to Remove Blackheads Effectively

Blackheads are a type of acne which is formed on the skin due to oils, hair follicles, and dead skin buildup in the pores. When the pores accumulate excessive oils or hair inside, they get clogged up and the skin hardens and turns black. These blackheads are not an indication of poor hygiene or the fact that you didn?t take good care of your skin, rather a phenomenon of your natural oil production.

1.      Spironolactone Dosage

If you are convinced that your acne is caused by hormonal problems, it would be a wise thing to consult your doctor about Spironolactone Tablets. These pills can help reduce fluids from a female body and help in controlling your acne as well as removing blackheads. Androgens play a big part in producing natural oils for your body, so by hampering the production of androgens you can effectively put a block on extra oils that clog up your pores. These pills can easily be taken with water and will help in clearing your skin.

2.      Retinoid

Probably the best way to get clear skin is to adopt Retinoid based medication. Retinoid based medication is amazing at removing blackheads, whiteheads, wrinkles, and all types of acne, it is one-for-all. The basic principle of retinoid is to increase cell regeneration, by breaking down old skin cells and generating new cells at a faster rate. This type of medication is a great way to get clear skin in the long run.

3.      Antibiotic Creams

Although you might think that Antibiotic Creams are not the best thing for removing blackheads. But these simple germ-fighting and bacteria-preventing creams can go ways when it comes to keeping your face clean and acne-free. Consult your doctor and get a prescription for an Antibiotic Cream that is suitable for your skin.

4.      Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid is one of the best ways to get clear skin. Salicylic Acid is present in many face washes, exfoliators, and acne based medications. Its basic function is to break down and loosen the skin cells. While removing blackheads as well as whiteheads, though it is not the best for cystic acne Salicylic Acid dissolves dead cells and promotes exfoliation to achieve clear skin.

5.      Professional Facials

Playing with your skin and trying to get rid of blackheads at home can not only be painful but also an accessory in the rapid growth of bacteria. If your blackheads are getting out of hands get an appointment with a professional. Getting facial a few times every month can save you from pain and get you an exceptionally clear skin because Estheticians can solve your problem effortlessly.

6.      Proper Moisturizing

Another big reason for your blackheads can be dehydration and dryness. Always get yourself a good moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated and prevent your pores from growing large and thus help in removing blackheads.

7.      Facial Cleansing Brushes

Getting one if the facial brushes can save you lots of time and help in proper exfoliation. As the brushes can be harsh if used daily it is recommended that you use the brush to clean off the blackheads one or two times a week.

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