Adult Acne: An annoying battle to fight with!

We all become frustrated due to acne when especially events or some occasions are near. It feels heartbroken when you sleep at night with a clean face but wake up in the morning and see a dark spot staring at you in the mirror. You feel helpless because you can only stare it in back. Some of us get to know which old method will work perfectly but at that time it doesn’t work too. So, let’s talk about all those imperfections and how do we cope with them? Can teenagers get acne?

How to Battle Acne Issue!

Is It Factual?

Unluckily, adults can get acne easily. Some may also get in their 40s or 50s while some may get in their early 30s. Everyone has a different time duration to go through this phase. Professionals have renamed this phase of adultness as “adult-onset acne” and you’ll probably notice that majority of women will be affected by this; especially those who are undergoing menopause. Mens are not safe, men can also get acne respectively.

The Reason Behind It?

The major psychological and medical reason behind acne is hormone fluctuation that leads to breakouts. This cause would be seen commonly in women of any age especially when they get periods, during pregnancy or menopause, or after initial or stopping birth control. Another major reason behind acne is stress because under stress the body produces androgens that fuel hair and oil glands in the skin which is equivalent to breakouts. This might be a reason why acne doesn’t leave you alone ever even after using the extensive anti-allergic medicines. The skin continuously shelled with the breakout that will not stop until and unless you stop taking stress which is self-managed.

Here we have another reason for acne which is due to some medication use. Whenever you find your meds triggering your breakouts; don’t stop your treatment but before continuing consult it with your doctor who prescribed you earlier. If acne arose as a side effect of meds, ask your doctor if there’s an alternative of it or not, you can also look for a dermatologist who can help you to get out of this complicated situation. While on the contrary, acne can be a sign of the undiagnosed medical condition. Once you become regular, all the blemishes will often clear.

Another common reason in adults of getting acne is family history i.e. inherited problem. Hair and various skin products clog the pores. Try to read instructions properly such as “unclog pores”, “non-bleaching” and “non-drying”. This is essential when you deal with acne treatment lotions, and cleansers. For example, modify your drying products for high-quality acne care that will keep your skin fresh and stunning with minimum redness. These products keep you safe and do not cause any hazardous skin problems independent of skin type either dry or oily.

What Can I Do to Prevent Breakouts?

If you know you’ve hormonal imbalance or any other problem that has been described above, make sure to get treatment and prevention plan. The thing that is in your control can avoid spot treatment. Spot treatment will work best if you are a teenager and get acne popping out in the oily T-zone but it’ll not work for adults on their lower face. Instead, seize a quality cleanser & toner to treat your face.

Antibiotic pills prescribed by dermatologists work best in acne removal. Aldactone – suggested by doctors to control high blood pressure suits perfect but it takes 3 months to give fruitful results. Isotretinoin – prescribed for adult acne but not good for pregnant and near to conceive women. All in one, if you get a solution to your acne problem in the shape of lotion and cleansers that are much better. 

Additional Advice

Naturally, your skin attracts dirt and pore-clogging, so you must do much effort to keep your face acne-free. Don’t think that your face isn’t dirty just because you didn’t touch it several times. Even air pollution is causing severe acne effects. That’s why it is suggested to wash face twice a day and never touch it with dirty hands. if you are exhausted enough that can go to wash face or somehow forgotten to wipe out your face before and after work, keep a bag of wipes in your bag.

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