How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Lose Weight and Belly Fat

Are you looking to lose weight and belly fat quickly? You are at the right place. Folks who are struggling with belly fat and overweight would love to know how to get rid of them in a shorter time but more safely and healthily. Living in a contemporary society somehow engages us in the strict daily routine that intermittently makes us gain extra weight and accumulate belly fat. But what we can do to shed it? We have to discover instant, lasting solutions like Apple cider Vinegar. Yes, it works!

How it Works

Apple cider vinegar consumption is escalating day by day because of its immense health convenience. It triggers your metabolism that helps your body to consume fats, instead of accumulating it. But it would be best if you used it under consideration of a health expert. Belly fat accumulates due to poor diet, stress, less movement, poor sleep, and when you have toxins. ACV has antitoxin, anticancer properties. Apple cider vinegar will help you to lose weight and belly fat fast.

How to Use:

If you want to take maximum results, then you have to use apple cider vinegar properly.

·         Concentration

Always dilute it before use because its main active constituent is acetic acid and you cannot consume a large amount of acid, it can unbalance your blood ph.

·         Dosage

The standard dosage is 1-2 tablespoons (15-30 ml) per day, and best to have before meals. At a time, take only one spoon. It helps to reach an average weight in three to four months. Three calories are present in 1 tablespoon of ACV.

Studies have shown the following transformation:

·         Consume ACV with Different Ways

If you do not want to drink it directly, use it in different ways. The most convenient way to use it is as a salad dressing with olive oil. Cook it with beans. Make a low-calorie drink with one tablespoon of ACV and some honey, add in soups. Explore different recipes.


Keeping ACV’s interests in mind will motivate you to use it. Studies have proven that apple cider vinegar helps to control blood sugar levels. It is known as diabetes savior. It reduces fat storage in the liver and belly. It helps to suppress appetite and keeps you feeling active and fuller for a long time, preventing you from craving and overeating.


Using AVC in an improper and unbalanced way can have side effects. Rinse your mouth thoroughly after drinking it to prevent tooth erosion. Being acidic it can have interactions with other chemicals, such as medicines and supplements. If you are taking medications, you should speak to your doctor before using it.

The Bottom Line

Despite all of its health benefits, low caloric impact, and encouraging results, apple cider vinegar cannot alone make you lose weight without generous lifestyle changes. The apple cider vinegar diet, which consists of having vinegar before meals, isn’t as favorable as having a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Motivate yourself to initiate it from now. You can do it!

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