Top 6 Nutrition Trends in 2020

Who doesn’t have developed a habit of tasting something lavishing food? More above the taste, people have become more conscious regarding what, where, and how they have chances to eat. Recently, a new word “foodie” has been given to those who love to pile up their plates with extraordinary tastes, and apart from that plate also keep an eye on what has been left that should be on their plate.

A lot of social media channels promoting food ads and taste in one or the other way either in the form of an image or in a video. People connect over social media and talk about their all-time favorite dishes, share recipes, and eating habits. If you’re more concerned with what type of taste is being trendy, then you would be more interested to know about the nutritional plans.

It’s a seasonal scenario that every year brings something new and lavishing taste. 2018 was the year where everyone had seen drinking matcha lattes while 2019 was the year of açai bowls. What do you think about 2020? Are you interested to know about the nutritional facts and plans for the year coming ahead?

A wide and in-depth analysis has been done which concluded that the coming year will be a good year for meat-lovers that would be converted into vegans. Vegan is going to be a popular and famous dish among people due to lots of reasons. People get to know how animals are being kept in such a miserable and pity condition that they want to oppose this culture. Moreover, they want to give them a healthy lifestyle which can be supported through a vegan diet. Vegan is becoming popular and trendy because restaurants are using it in a versatile manner and presenting customers with a new look and feel of vegan food.

According to an estimation, people would like to choose a plant-based diet for themselves frequently as compared to the previous year. you might have gone through this trend from various nutritious blogs related posts such as Nutrition you can use or 101 cookbooks etc.

If you’re a little bit confused and don’t know what dishes should be served on the table in 2020, you’re in the right position to know about 6 top nutrition trends for the new decade.


Quinoa – a seed that is gluten-free and commonly used as a substitute for white rice. It is a great source of fatty acids, protein, and healthy minerals and vitamins.

People like to taste it again and again due to its natural ingredients that goes with many other products. Widely used, easy-to-prepare quinoa dishes contains:

  • Oatmeal with blueberries and quinoa
  • Quinoa enchilada
  • Garlic mushroom quinoa
  • Spring rolls with quinoa and shrimps
  • Quinoa and kale salad

Some restaurants are specified in quinoa bowls – a bowl that is full of chicken, quinoa, vegetables, and salmon. You’ll love to choose it as your lunch again and again due to its fresh and natural ingredients. Its lavishing and appetizing smell forces you to eat one time a day in your 2020 office routine.

It’s so easy to make quinoa bowl at home and can be taken as a healthy lunch box either to school or an office.

Plant-based meats

The plant-based meat trend isn’t too old. It just started in previous years and since then, it has only a popular and appetized dish. It seems like evergreen, innovative, extraordinary, and counterintuitive food. Apart from curiosity, people want to tase it once, and once they try they decide to stick over it.

Diversity and versatility have been brought in plant-based meats so that meat love experience a new same dish in different taste and visual appearance. These products give a different taste from animal meat. However, efforts are being made to resemble meat with regular chicken as much as possible.

Plant-based food including meats seems perfect for those who are more conscious about the environment and want to stay in healthy and cheerful gatherings.


Have you ever thought that you can make a pizza using mashed cauliflower and would make a dough of it? Many of us had underestimated the potential of cauliflower but hopefully after knowing about all these no one will do it again in 2020.

There are many ways of preparing cauliflower ranging from chicken nuggets coating to low carb bacon butternut.

Oat Milk Latte

A long time ago, a substitute for cow milk has been known in the form of soy milk and almond milk. Folks want to have something new in their coffee mug or have been allergen from nuts, you all need to try oat milk once in 2020.

Are you ready to get something different from your regular milk? Oat milk is known due to its much sweetness and thickness than any other milk that had you tried in your life. To wrap in a nutshell, it is a worth try!


People include coconut milk and coconut water in their regular diet since 2019. 2020 will bring more exciting products like shakes, yogurts, and coconut-based snacks for you.

Celery Juice

Do you stick on a single juice flavor and don’t want to try another? You’re wrong! You will find detoxifying, fresh, and fit juices from this blog.

The actors and models recommend that celery juice keeps them slim, smart, energetic, and active. It also keeps their skin fresh and clean.

If you love to drink thick juice you can prepare it at your home by yourself. A healthy celery smoothie will be a blessing for you in your breakfast or lunch.


As we all know that eco-movements have been grown and well-known around the globe. Scientists and nutritionists have raised awareness about the planet’s hygienical condition and all they agreed that dietary products should be replaced with plant-based products. Restaurants aim to serve organic and food prepared from natural ingredients and that’s what people want to eat, they need it.

Nutritionists in the coming era will advise you to be more vegan-oriented than before, with lots of thrilled and exciting, delicious, and substitutive meals you might not have heard about it ever. 

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