Ways to Stop Yourself from Going Stir Crazy During Lockdown

Man is a social animal, and one needs to socialize with their environment and people around them to stay psychologically fit. Going out for a walk, hoteling at your favorite restaurant, and hanging up with your college friends are sort of things we need in our lives.

However, as the pandemic approached, all the governments of the world have instructed the citizens to stay home, isolate themselves round the globe. As a result, after a couple of weeks’ people started to feel bored, gloomy, and dry as dust. Although they know this is crucial, as to fight coronavirus by staying distant, this has caused the depression to inflate in every house and disturbed mental peace and personal relations.

On the other hand, psychologists and psychotherapists have recommended various activities and remedies which may help you cope with the post-pandemic and lockdown frustration.

How to Stop Yourself Going Stir Crazy During Lockdown:

1.    Don’t lose hope

First of all, don’t lose hope! After night comes the day!

With the fact that many people are drawing their last breath due to coronavirus and we have devastated senses about what this year has brought to us. You ought to keep this in mind that thousands of people are recovering from it too and living their lives as usual.

One shouldn’t think negatively and shouldn’t lose hope because this thought makes them vulnerable and sheds immunity. So… stay positive-stay hopeful! You have no idea, what tomorrow brings.

2.    Diet affects your mood

Thinking about the time when you are trying to keep boredom at bay and replace it by munching calorie-filled snacks. This would be letting your weight escalate and would make you look miserable.

 When there’s no going out and no physical activity and we keep eating our favorite food, the result is being overweight and makes us guilty. Which may build a sense of complexity and a feeling of worthlessness.

Thus, maintaining your diet and keeping a hand on your nerves while you eat may help you stay fit.

3.    Proper lifestyle and discipline

It’s okay that you are working or studying from home, and its sort of flexible when it comes to performing any task whenever you want, but discipline is important. A disciplined and timely routine would help you stay in shape not only physically, but mentally too.

Getting up late, and sleeping late at night can trigger your sleep patterns and cause mood swings. Disturbed sleeping patterns can affect your mood and may cause depression and overthinking. Early to bed is the key to a productive day!

4.    Adore yourself at home

It is not always important to please others with your looks- Do it for yourself too! It doesn’t matter if there’s nobody to show off your beauty to, first is the person you see in the mirror, go slay at him/her!

If not daily, but at least once a week look at yourself in the mirror and try a new hairstyle, a new eyebrow shape, a new grooming idea, It can be a YouTube tutorial you can come up with or a self-created one.

It never costs anything putting light makeup just to feel good (for girls) or a shaved beard and lifting your hair with the newly bought gel (for boys) other than a sense of good wellbeing and self-care satisfaction. This works!

5.    Explore yourself

In a life full of socialization and busy days, maybe this is a chance given to you to discover yourself and your suppressed activities that you almost forgot to do in a crowded clustery life.

Think about your passion when you sit alone. Note it down on a notebook whatever you thought you would do when you didn’t have time to give to yourself.

This can be reading that new book, painting your favorite sight, adopting a pet, cooking something, or giving yourself a relaxing hair oil massage. Get to know yourself- it’s the right time,

6.    Make someone happy

There’s a feeling of bliss that we feel when we see the smile on someone else’s face. That is what maintains your inner peace and helps you stay positive. A person becomes crazy when he is frustrated, hopeless, and discontent.

Various religions across the globe spread the lesson of performing good deeds, but it is not only for your eternity, as well as for who you are today.

Making someone happy is not like pulling a rope. It can be done in simple natural ways like; helping the fatherless humbly, calling your parents, playing with your child, or talking to a depressed friend who is in need. Anyone in misery can fix you, as you can fix them. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Spread positivity!

7.    Meditate, breathe

This bullet is solely for the mothers as a tribute. Their lives have become as difficult as climbing the mountains in the snowfall. There is no relaxation for them in the name of schools when their kids leave them to relax for a bit and so they find a second for themselves.

There are no amusement parks or play areas so that kids would spend their time cheerfully and so they are only relying on their mommies for entertainment. This is understood that kids and family are your responsibility, but you are YOU! Don’t forget that.

Take out at least 15 minutes for yourself and get yourself a quiet room (this can also be after everyone sleeps). Cross your legs, close your eyes, take a deep breath, meditate, and think about the positive aspects of your life.

The Bottom Line

Life is all about giving your soul a meal. What is a meal that your soul needs? That is relaxation, peace. Nobody lays on the bed of roses and sleeps onto petals, but you are the one who is going to cut out thorns and reach to the petals. All it takes is endless hopefulness and eradication of contemptuousness from within. In the pandemic lockdown situation its time for you to heal your soul and mind.

Everyone has a reason to be happy, if you don’t, discover it. It always exists. Time has an inevitable quality, i.e. it passes. When it does, it brings flora, fauna, and a bright morning.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder (Shams of Tabriz) 

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